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SB in a nutshell...

In nature everything is in Divine order, you as a person are part of nature, therefore your life is in perfect Divine order as well.

Suspend your belief of what you think you know to be true, so that the totality of your Being can experience the world, your life newly.

Your unique gift, in this very moment, is the future that is singing your dream awake.

There is a Divine intelligence that is ever present and constantly informing you which "right" actions are the purest expressions of your authentic Self.

We all leave a legacy and everyday we have an opportunity to determine what that legacy will be.

Let yourself be fanned by the flames of service. Let the heat of your love be a guiding light for peace in the world.

It is difficult to know the master plan, yet you can claim your voice and your authorship.

Within you there is a deep well of inspiration that embodies the tools and deeds of your humanitarian awakening.

From the shadows emerges a strength, courage and beauty that does not know the meaning of the word "impossible


What is?...

Simple -
requires little effort, second nature, minimal cognition needed, easily learned, innate, childlike, low calorie, energy efficient, meditative, shortest route, path of least resistance, a straight line, a circle, a spiral, elemental, primary, natural, innocent, primal, obvious, honest, authentic, few moving parts, interrelated, intuitive

Brilliance -
intuitive, conscious, luminescent, holistic, integral, reflective, creative genius, imaginative, iridescent, opalescent, responsive, response able, expressive, intentional, wise, patient, radiance, inspired, exceptional, many faceted, holographic, charismatic, shimmering, solutions benefiting and acknowledging the whole

There's a state of remembering that brings us back to the full self-expression and conscious enthusiasm we had as a child; those very activities and resources that magnetized our attention.

Creation IS, and it has always been coursing through the universe and our veins wanting and seeking expression. Simple Brilliance is a conscious re-membering of who we are as integrated, inter-related, passionate vital Beings. Through the freedom born from discipline, we can re-discover and embody the very essence of ourselves, revealing without ill confidence, our own unique genetic stamp.

There is no one way to freedom and there are many ways that we prevent ourselves from fully living our purposeful vision. We must first learn to cultivate trust in Life itself and then in ourselves and finally with others. Cultivating Simple Brilliance catalyzes a life of unexpected joy and opportunity beyond what we ever thought possible; a Life that fully realizes and expresses our capabilities.

It takes courage, passion and flexibility to admit there are mysteries we may never truly come to know and then to live inside that Mystery, relating to the unknown and listening to the distant guidance that grows ever closer.

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