Most recently I have been writing on creating a life you love with enthusiasm, passion and peace.
A book in progress, entitled Simple Brilliance, offers practical exercises for personal development and productivity.
In it I share with you many anecdotes and lessons from my personal life.
Two FREE sample chapters The Way of the Open Heart, & A Return To Innocence
are available here as a pdf download.

Simple Brilliance
A Conscious Approach To Re-membering
and Re-DiscoveringYour True Nature


Simple - requires little effort, second nature, minimal cognition needed, easily learned, innate, childlike, low calorie, energy efficient, meditative, shortest route, path of least resistance, a straight line, a circle, a spiral, elemental, primary, natural, innocent, primal, obvious, honest, authentic, few moving parts, interrelated, intuitive

Brilliance - intuitive, conscious, luminescent, holistic, integral, reflective, creative genius, imaginative, iridescent, opalescent, responsive, response-able, expressive, intentional, wise, patient, radiance, inspired, exceptional, many faceted, holographic,charismatic, shimmering, solutions benefiting and acknowledging the whole

There's a state of remembering that brings us back to the full self-expression and conscious passion we were as a child; those very activities and resources that magnetized our attention. With little effort, hours were spent as minutes, and days as hours, as we remained enraptured with this/these creations of Life. Maybe it was something present in our environment already, something in nature, or a technology or a person; or maybe it was a creative endeavor we enjoyed that sprang naturally from our internal well, such as art, music or writing.

Creation IS, and it has always been coursing through the universe and our veins wanting and seeking expression. Simple Brilliance is a conscious re-membering of who we are as integrated, inter-related, passionate vital Beings. Through the freedom born from discipline, we can re-discover and embody the very essence of ourselves, revealing without ill confidence, our own unique genetic stamp. For some, this will be easy, for others, extremely difficult, even painful. We all have our own hindrances to joy and exuberance. Some may need to focus on emotional release, "stuck" energies in their bodies, others will need to learn how to still their mind and others may need to create some type of spiritual cosmology that expands their viewpoint of themselves in relation to nature and the universe. All of this attending to a path that is inclusive, rather than exclusive, of those we cherish and have yet come to know. There is no one way to freedom and there are many ways that we prevent ourselves from fully living our purposeful vision. We must first learn to cultivate trust in Life itself and then in ourselves and finally with others. Cultivating Simple Brilliance catalyzes a life of unexpected joy and opportunity beyond what we ever thought possible; a Life that fully realizes and expresses our capabilities. For me this adventure to discovering my brilliance and living in simplicity has been both exhilarating and, at times, excruciating. My commitment to living an authentic Life has required me to examine my agendas, motivations, patterns of behavior and relationships. I have needed to develop my "witness" and remain vigilant in my desire to understand, know and act from an awareness of the "bigger picture", of how my actions and reactions affect the whole. This is a very human process. It is full of mis-takes, awkwardness and "oopsies." It is also rich with love, joy and adventure. It takes courage, passion and flexibility to admit there are mysteries we may never truly come to know and then to live inside that Mystery, relating to the unknown and listening to the distant guidance that grows ever closer.

Two FREE sample chapters The Way of the Open Heart, & A Return To Innocence
are available here as a pdf download.