Raymond Powers
Putting the Heart Back in your Life & Work

Personal & Business Development /
Transformational Counselor


Business Consultant
executive coaching
    - team building
    - communication

Personal Development
life transitions
    - career visioning
    - relationships

"Sustainable" Business Advisor
pre-cycle source reduction
    - energy consumption management
employee relations and resources



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Simple Brilliance
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Ongoing Workshops Offered


My focus is to assist individuals and businesses with creating healthy systems that support their visions and goals. I emphasize the importance of cultivating and maintaining authentic relationships and teams based on mutual respect. This includes training to strengthen skills in communication, accountability and creative problem solving.

Over many years counseling executives and performing artists, my intention remains: To help "put the heart" back in your life and work, and to teach you how to manage your energy so that you are fulfilled and rejuvenated by your activities.

I also design custom programs to fit your organization's needs. These seminars address the specific and unique challenges of your community.

My goal is to mentor the ordinary and the visionary. Those who aspire to or already embody a life of simple brilliance. We are all leaders, we only need to stand up, declare ourselves as such and live by example.

One of my greatest teachers in life has been to watch nature and the ways in which systems sustain themselves through synergy and symbiotics. Since we inherently are a part of nature, we can use this living model as a template for building our own inter-relational systems. I encourage outdoor programs that will help nourish the development of a healthy corporate culture and support a renewed understanding and spiritual connection with the earth.

My coaching is appropriate for those who want to empower themselves or their organizations as leaders at the forefront of holistic business models. As an advocate of socially responsible business and fair trade practices, I assist in strategies that will develop sustainable models and maintain a thriving, healthy, productive environment. I hold a strong vision for an economy that supports the needs of the earth, it's inhabitants and all future generations.

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