What other's have to say:

After being in team building sessions with Raymond I feel like my voice counts
and that management values my input. The overall enthusiasm in the workplace
has increased and as a group we now take responsibility for the success of the company
- - - - -
P.S., Recording Engineer Hollywood,CA

I am capable of feeling things I never dreamed.
I am far more powerful than I ever imagined.
I am learning to integrate my Self with my body.
I am purging a deep river of hurt and pain through this process.
I have nothing to fear.
Thank you for providing me a safe place to explore and heal,
a place of comfort and love, a place of dignity and respect. My heart is grateful.

- - - - -
T.B., Grad. Student, USC Pasadena,CA

I've had more success with Raymond Powers in dealing with some deep seated issues
after two sessions than I did after three years of therapy.
My life has completely opened up - physically, spiritually and energetically.

- - - - -
J.M., Film Director Santa Monica,CA
- - - - -

Before the meeting Raymond met with a couple of us to put together an agenda that included aspects of planning and strategizing as well as some experiential process oriented and team building exercises.   It was a packed agenda.    We asked Raymond to act not only as facilitator but also to provide a sort of emotional monitor for the group, to call us out if he noticed dysfunctional relationships or less-than-optimal ways of being showing up in our group.

During the meeting Raymond provided excellent leadership.   He set a powerful emotional tone.   He made it clear to us that he had big expectations about what we would accomplish, and he was able to show up differently in different instances in order to hold us to that, at times being very gentle and compassionate, and at times speaking out when it was needed. Raymond was able to maintain a balance between the personal and interpersonal processes that were needed and the actual work we were there to get done.   At each stage of the meeting he was able to work with us to help us realize how we show up as part of this team, and how that affects each other and the work we do.    But it wasn't at all sitting around and 'navel gazing'.    The process work cleared what needed to be cleared so that we all took responsibility, and then when it came time to actually get the work accomplished, all of the resistance and weight was gone; we were able to cover everything we set out to.   It was amazing and inspiring.

This has made a huge   difference to our effectiveness.   We were able to clarify and empower our roles and contributions to BHM and feel like a much stronger unit.   We came away from the meeting with the intention to triple our annual goals, and I am confident we will do so.   Our team is extremely grateful to Raymond for his service to us.

Jennifer Zurick
Burma Humanitarian Mission, Washington, D.C.